Monday, June 13, 2011

Pocket Warmer can really keep you super warm!

Pocket warmer from DAISO!

Went cck with cousin today for lunch and entertainment, haha.
Headed to bpp after that and saw Amanda and cy, so 'qiao'! Then wandered around with Amanda, her sister and my cousin.

THEN! Me and Qianqi went Daiso-ing after Amanda and her sister were off.
My cousin went to buy a few packets of pocket warmer which i think it was pretty interesting!
The picture on the top shows how the warmer is taken out from the main packet. It is a room temperature packet at first but after you put it in a cozy area or in your pocket, you will gradually feel the heat. The good thing is it will get warmer and warmer when you put at a closed area or should i say... squashed position? Hahaha,but i think it is really useful for like going to a cold country or something like that. It will be best if you put it on your pillow to sleep in an aircon room. HAHA! Ohya, it is able to last 8/10/16 hours depending on which packet you buy! Lastly is it's only 2bucks per main packet! And the main packet have about 7 pocket warmers ( packet) , how worth! Buy it in daiso!

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Source of image : CLICK THIS

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